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Rio Colorado Reclamation Committee
Program Coordinator

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Job Description: The Program Coordinator will manage community outreach and organizing for the Rio Colorado Reclamation Committee, a citizen run group that was formed to monitor and advocate for clean up of the Molycorp Mine. Specific tasks include organizing community meetings, managing outreach activities, attending bi-monthly board meetings, organizing and assisting with the drafting of quarterly newsletters, and assisting the board and grant administrator with administrative duties.

Hours and Compensation: 10-15 hours a week. $15-$20/hr depending upon experience.

Skills/Requirements: Familiarity with the Questa area and community preferred. Organizing and outreach skills such as those required for communicating one-on-one with community members over the phone or at events, house visits, and organizing meetings are necessary. Email and word processing skills are also necessary. Must be able to work out of your own home.

Background: The Rio Colorado Reclamation Committee (RCRC) is a citizens group made up of members who are impacted by pollution from the Molycorp mine site. Environmental impacts from the Molycorp mine are believed to be significant. The group has members whose domestic water wells have been sampled and found to contain elevated levels of molybdenum, TDS, sulfate, aluminum, beryllium, cadmium, manganese, iron, and fluoride. These potentially dangerous constituents of concern are thought to have leached from the Molycorp mine dumps and tailing ponds. Some property owners have developed medical conditions believed to be related to contaminants in their wells. The mine also has impacts on the Red River (also known as the Rio Colorado). In addition, a large subsidence area on the mine will cause long-term site access problems, groundwater contamination, and safety concerns. Business opportunities and property values have been impacted by the environmental degradation of the community. Other long-term concerns include the instability of large waste rock dumps hanging on steep slopes above the Red River and the highway. The group has been awarded an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grant to hire a grant administrator, program coordinator and a technical advisor for the purpose of reviewing technical information about the mine site and then presenting it to the public in language and in a format that is understandable to an average citizen.

Proposal/Application: Please submit in writing either by mail or email a 1-2 page proposal/application. The application must include the following information:




Email (if applicable)

References –name, phone number of 2 references

Please answer the following questions:

  1. What of the skills listed above do you possess? Are there additional skills that you possess that you believe will help you perform the tasks listed in the job description?

  2. What previous work experience do you have? If you have one, please attach a resume in lieu of answering this question.

  3. What, if any, knowledge do you have of the Questa area, the Molycorp mine, or environmental and social issues related to mining.

  4. Have you ever worked for the Molycorp Mine?

  5. Why are you interested in working with the Rio Colorado Reclamation Committee?

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