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Lighthawk Molycorp mine site This website has been created as a public resource for information and scientific data regarding the Molycorp mine, and the EPA Superfund process for determining a cleanup solution for the Molycorp mine site and the Red River.

On May 11, 2000, the Molycorp mine was entered into the Federal Register and put on the National Priorities List of proposed Superfund cleanup sites.

The Molycorp mine is located in northern New Mexico near Questa, New Mexico. Questa is a small community located in the Red River watershed. The Red River, once a blue ribbon trout fishery, has been contaminated by acid rock drainage created by both natural and manmade processes. The Environmental Protection Agency has initiated a Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS) which will help in determining the best way to clean up the Molycorp mine site and restore the Red River to its former quality.

Please get involved!

The Río Colorado Reclamation Committee would like to stress three points about the Molycorp Superfund process:

  • The Red River and the Village of Questa are important resources to northern New Mexico, economically, ecologically, agriculturally, and spiritually.

  • The Superfund process will determine the future health of the Red River and the Village of Questa. That process is currently under way and will for all practical purposes be forever decided by the EPA, the New Mexico Environment Department, the Mining and Minerals Division, and Molycorp.

  • Getting involved now by educating yourself and expressing your opinion about the cleanup to the right people is your best opportunity to impact the decisions of the EPA and other agencies. As stakeholders, you have a vital interest in these decisions. As a member of the RCRC you will have input into the decision making process.

If public health is important to you, if landowner rights are important to you, if productive fisheries are important to you, if the local economy is important to you, if clean water and environmental health are important to you, the Red River and this Superfund process are important to you.

On this website, you will find a wealth of information from many sources on all sides of the issue. You will find applicable links to corporate, government and group sites. This website will be updated regularly as new material is available, so please check back frequently. Read what you can. Educate yourself. Then get involved by writing letters, sending e-mails and attending meetings. It does no good to have an opinion about the mine and the river if that opinion is not expressed to the right people.

Ask yourself, "What kind of river and what kind of community do I want for myself and my children?" Then tell the governor, EPA officials and legislators the answer.

Thank you for getting involved in this vital issue.

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