Tailings Pond/Impoundment
  An open lagoon into which wastewater contaminated with solid pollutants is placed and allowed to stand. The solid pollutants suspended in the water sink to the bottom of the lagoon. Depending on the design, liquid contaminated with dissolved pollutants may be allowed to overflow out of the enclosure. Molycorp's tailings impoundment is located in Questa. Contaminated dust blowing off of the dried tailings has caused health problems for residence in its path. Seepage from the tailings impoundment into the ground water has contaminated drinking water wells in the area thus making them unsafe for domestic household use, irrigation of agricultural crops, and use by livestock. Molycorp is required by New Mexico state agencies (NMED and MMD) and by EPA to intercept seepage into the ground water and stop contaminated dust from blowing across the village.
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