Technical Assistance Grant (TAG)
  A Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) provides money for activities that help communities located near Superfund sites participate in the mine reclamation decision making process. TAG's for Superfund sites are funded by the EPA. Under the Superfund law, the EPA has awarded a Technical Assistance Grant of $50,000 to the Río Colorado Reclamation Committee. This allows the RCRC to hire independent experts to help interpret technical data and to disseminate this information to the affected community. This helps its members better understand site hazards and become more knowledgeable about the different technologies that are being used to clean up the Molycorp mine site and the Red River. It also keeps its members better informed and allows them to participate in determining the future of the Red River, Questa, Cerro, and other communities that have been affected by the activities of the Molycorp mine.

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