RCRC Website Legend
  This website has been designed to provide the easiest access possible to the mountains of information about this very complex issue. To assist you in navigating through the site the following visual queues are provided:
    Context sensitive glossary terms are embedded throughout the website. These terms define many of the technical terms that appear in documents and reports. They are identified by green links. Clicking on one of these links will display a small popup window that defines the term. The entire glossary can be displayed by clicking the "Glossary" button on the navigation bar.
Images and Maps
    There are many illustrations, photographs, and maps that help to define terms and show locations of various features. Links to these images are identified with orange links. Clicking on one of these links will display a popup window or a page that contains an image.
Standard Links
    Links in blue either display other pages on this website or open new windows to other relevant websites. Other websites are maintained by their respective organizations. The RCRC cannot be responsible for their information or content. Please report any broken links to the webmaster.
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