About the RCRC

The Rio Colorado Reclamation Committee (RCRC) is a diverse community based group of northern New Mexico citizens who have banded together to work with the EPA, Molycorp, and others including state agencies and other organizations to try to make the Superfund process and cleanup options understandable for all residents in the affected community .

The RCRC is funded by a Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) from the Environmental Protection Agency. Its goal is to help the affected community better understand the Superfund process and how it affects community members. Through the RCRC, citizens in the affected community can have a voice in how the cleanup of the Molycorp mine and the Red River is accomplished.

Anyone living in any community directly affected by the Molycorp mine either through proximity, business or employment is or has been affected by the activities of the mine. Citizens of Questa, El Rito, Latir, Cerro, Costilla, Red River, Lama, Arroyo Hondo, Arroyo Seco, El Prado, Taos, Ranchos de Taos, and any point in between are in the affected area. Any person living in in these communities can have a voice in the decisions made by the EPA and Molycorp regarding the cleanup of the mine and the Red River by becoming a member of the Rio Colorado Reclamation Committee.

Get involved! Participate in your future and the future of your children. Join the Rio Colorado Reclamation Committee.

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